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Main Speakers


Martin Audio W3P


Martin Audio WS2A

These speakers are amazing, at only 28” high they achieve full three-way frequency response by having a 15” low frequency driver, 6.5” mid-range horn loaded driver and a 1” high frequency compression driver. They are an ideal choice for bands that want crystal clear sound with plenty of volume but only require a small rig.


If you need more bottom end then look no further. The WS2A is a dedicated subwoofer for use with Martin Audio’s W3P’s full-range enclosures in situations where ultra-low frequency enhancement and increased system headroom are required. It will extend the power bandwidth of the complete system to below 35Hz and is capable of reproducing levels of deep bass normally associated with much larger enclosures.

Dynacord VA 418

The VA 418 system is the biggest configuration of the Vertical Array system from Dynacord, consisting of 4 x 18” sub woofers and 2 vertical array tops. The system can also be used with just 2 x 18” subs if required. The VA 418 is the ideal PA system for musical events in which something louder and more substantial is required, it has a very small footprint, is fast to set up, sounds amazing and is very pleasing on the eye, making it ideal for corporate functions and weddings where you require a very good sound system but don’t want big ugly speaker boxes in view.