ML Sound Hire

Fully Engineered PA Hire – call 07920 155395

Equipment list

Mixing Desks

Allen & Heath QU-24with AR2412 stage box and 50m digital snake 

Yamaha LS9 16 mixing desk (upgraded to 32 channels using the MY16-AT 16 channel ADAT card)

Yamaha 01v mixing desk (upgraded to 24 channels using the MY8AD24 Option I/O card)

Spirit Folio 14 channel mixing desk

Alesis Multimix 8FX, 8 channel mixing desk

Behringer Eurorack MX602A, 6 channel mixing desk

Power Amps

QSC Powerlight 2HV

QSC Powerlight PL224

Pulse 4 x 300

Pulse 2 x 650

Behringer iNUKE6000 


Dynacord VA-418 (4 x subs, 2 x tops)

Martin Audio W3P Tops

Martin Audio WS2A Subs

Yamaha DXR 12


Martin Audio LE1200

Martin Audio F10’s

Proel TFL15P8

Proel WD15

Peavey Hi-Sys 2

Sennheiser In Ear Monitors

Speaker Management   

Dbx Driverack PA

Vocal Microphones

Sennheiser wireless G3 system with 845 Super Cardioid Transmitter Ch38

Shure Beta 58A

Shure Beta 57A

Shure SM58

Shure SM57

Rode M1

Rode M2

Instrument Microphones

Sennheiser E604

Sennheiser E902

Rode M3 

Sennheiser E609

Sennheiser E908 (wireless brass mic)



LEDJ Q Colour

ACME Genesis DJ scanner

iSolution iColor 4

iSolution iColour 3

Par Can 56- LED


ELV mini spot 150